A day after a lethal avalanche struck the most used climbing route on Mount Everest, the dead bodies of two more sherpas was recovered from the snow taking the death toll to 14 on Saturday. In what is probably the world’s highest search and rescue operation at present at 5800 mts,... + continue reading
A deadly avalanche struck the slopes of the world’s tallest mountain Everest early Friday morning killing at least 12 route-setting sherpa guides, officials said in Nepal.  "The avalanche occurred in Khumbuche area near Camp 1 at 5800 mts. The death toll is likely to go up as only... + continue reading
11th ATOAI Convention
On March 26 when social entrepreneur Mr. Pankaj Wadhwa took to the dias in the morning for an audio/video presentation before 150 people he was in his flip-flop, shorts and t-shirt and he did not feel a bit out of place. "We are all here to talk business... about adventure tourism and... + continue reading
India's young Everest summitteers Arjun Vajpai (20) and Krushnaa Patil (24) have set off for their second consecutive attempt to scale the fifth highest peak in the world, Makalu (27,764ft) in Nepal. Their attempt is also to be the youngest in the world to top Makalu, located in the Mahalangur... + continue reading
Words by Gaël Couturier and Jacky Everaerdt Frederik Van Lierde, Ironman World Champion shared a few words with us about his recent reduced performance at the Abu Dhabi International triathlon. This is a little email Q&A we did with him after the race:   The Outdoor Journal: Tell... + continue reading
11th ATOAI Convention

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whitewater kayaking in india
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Sunday, 12/01/14
      Kayaking is definitely an upcoming sport in India today. The huge amount of annual rain fall, the vast number of rivers and lakes, the many kilometers of coastal shores, the tropical temperatures... + continue reading


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Sunday, 02/03/14
While most medical practitioners loop their stethoscope around their neck and tend to patients at hospitals, doctor Nima Namgyal Sherpa has a much higher call of duty. He is the only Expedition Doctor from Nepal... + continue reading


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Friday, 06/12/13
Sujoy Das has over thirty years of experience trekking and photographing in the Himalaya. He’s trekked in the Annapurna region six times and in the Everest region more than ten times. Sujoy now heads his own... + continue reading

The Journal

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Friday, 31/01/14
Kashmir. The very word evokes mystery, mythology, mountains and Led Zeppelin’s crashing guitars. However, for most of my life, Kashmir has been a borderland, a line in the... + continue reading
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